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How Does A Top-Load Washer Work? — Appliance Repair Tips



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Washer not spinning, agitating or draining? This video provides information on how a washer works and offers troubleshooting tips to assist you in diagnosing and repair. Here is a list of the most commonly replaced parts associated with each washing machine symptom: Washer not spinning: drive motor coupling, door lock, drive belt. Washer not agitating: agitator cogs, coupler, drive belt, transmission Washer not draining: belt, pump, switches Washer making loud noises: pump motor, belt, bearings Washer fills slowly: water inlet valve Washer leaking water: pump, seals, water inlet valve Washer won’t start: door latch, switches, timers, electronic controls, thermal fuses Washer overflowing: water inlet valve, water level pressure switch Washer door or lid won’t lock: door lock motor, latch assembly, main control board Washer stops mid cycle: lid switch, motor, water level control, pump How to disassemble your washer: 🤍🤍youtube.com/watch?v=II_p8j-RSWU?TLSID=1873 For more DIY videos including part replacement and help finding your model visit the repair help section of our website: 🤍🤍repairclinic.com/RepairHelp/Washing-Machine-Repair-Help?TLSID=1873 Click here to purchase replacement washer parts: 🤍🤍repairclinic.com/Shop-For-Parts/a11/Washing-Machine-Parts?TLSID=1873 All of the information provided in this washer troubleshooting video is applicable to the following brands: Amana, Bosch, Frigidaire, GE, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Samsung and Whirlpool. RepairClinic has millions of replacement parts for appliances, lawn equipment, power tools, and heating & cooling equipment including washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, lawn mowers, snowblowers, furnaces, and air conditioners. Our customer care team is available to help by phone or live chat, seven days a week: 1-800-269-2609. We guarantee the fastest shipping possible—all in-stock parts ship the same business day. Return any part for any reason with our generous 365-day return policy. In addition to providing replacement parts, RepairClinic.com offers free online troubleshooting information and DIY repair videos. Use our website to choose from a series of problems to discover the likely causes and the correct replacement part(s) for your particular model. Once you’ve determined the solution, our expertly-produced video tutorials will guide you through every step of the repair. At RepairClinic, we make fixing things easy! Connect With Us! 🤍plus.google.com/+repairclinic 🤍🤍facebook.com/RepairClinic 🤍🤍twitter.com/RepairClinic 🤍pinterest.com/RepairClinic/ Join our free VIP email list for discounts and money-saving tips: 🤍tinyurl.com/pnnh3be Check out our blog: 🤍🤍DIY.RepairClinic.com Don't forget to like and comment on this video, and subscribe to our channel!

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How Does A Top-Load Washer Work? — Appliance Repair Tips
How Does A Top-Load Washer Work? — Appliance Repair Tips
How Does A Top-Load Washer Work? — Appliance Repair Tips
How Does A Top-Load Washer Work? — Appliance Repair Tips
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-09-14 07:04:28

Doing laundry at 3am and this is what comes to mind 😅😅

2023-07-12 12:53:47

Guys how can the agitator spin alone and with the drum

2023-05-11 05:54:59

This a ge infusor washer

2023-01-26 17:09:48

Model 3lsc8255eq0

2023-01-26 17:08:28

The machine can't start, the timer is just making some clicking noise at any position.

2022-11-13 21:18:58

My machine starts filling water automatically after pressing power button, even before selecting the required wash program and pressing start button.
And that happens with cold water only, hot water works fine.

Any help please, it's daewoo DWF-700

2022-10-25 18:00:36

Is it normal during rinse cycle that the water doesn't even fill halfway to the tub?

2022-09-17 03:38:24

top loader washer Frigidaire model number fftw4120sw, will not drain when it goes to drain and spin cycle

2022-03-14 03:33:11

oof size large

2021-12-08 01:26:50

I remember this!

2021-12-04 02:14:15

This video is awesome! Thank you so much!

2021-11-27 21:45:42

What part of the neutral drain causes a direct drive to spin while draining?

2021-11-21 17:20:51

dQK8vnzV_-A&t=3m00s 3:00 LG turbo Drum washing machine and LG Turbo Wash: Hold my Beer

2021-09-22 13:30:50

My Amana top loader uses a belt to spin and I’ve had it for a few months I got it at the end of 2020 cuz my front loader broke and housing had to get us a new one and it’s getting louder and louder as the days pass by also I’m 8yrs old

2021-08-28 15:44:47

washing machine lore

2021-08-16 09:07:36

dQK8vnzV_-A&t=2m04s 2:04 A restricted inlet valve will need to be replaced

2021-08-13 02:45:28

You might not get enough likes and subs buy your video explanation and animation is like a channel with 10.5 million subs

2021-08-09 23:20:54

The directional cogs broke on mine, at first I didn’t know the name but thanks to the video now I know thank you ^^

2021-06-11 21:45:16

look at this brainwashing
everyone knows washing machines don't exist

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